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Author Topic:   What would you do with thes rules
posted November 05, 2003 10:59 PM
what would you biuld what combo with thes rules

You must use a 361 cubic inch or smaller motor only, flat top pistons: approved GM stock OEM steel heads" Nos. 014, 195, 267, 330, 336, 339, 388, 393, 441, 445, 454, 487, 493, 545, 598, 624, 642, 709, 799, 813, 862, 881, 882, 920, 991, 993, 997: Ford cars, no after market or SVO heads. Chrysler cars no aftermarket or W2 heads, 360 cubic inch heads only. Must be 76cc heads or larger.

Must use 350 OEM parts only. Must use OEM starter mounted in stock location. Must use a stock cast iron two barrel intake. You must use a stock cast iron exhaust manifold. No center dump type manifolds. All cars must run a tock two barrel carburetor, no Holly. Must use a conventional style air cleaner housing only. You must use a single wire HEI distributor. You must use regular unleaded or ten percent ethanol fuel.


Light weight crank or after market rods, Mill head to 65cc or angle mill, Roller rocker or Roller cam, cut material out of body or hood, aluminum fly wheel or triple disk
clutch, weight jacks or aluminum racing shocks. No where in the rules does it say that you can do these modifications.

posted November 05, 2003 11:11 PM
Alot of gray area in them rules. Can you run a stroker? Deck the block? Check before ya blow big bucks.

posted November 06, 2003 07:14 AM
its says oem 350 parts. that rules out your stroker unless your a outright cheater.

487 heads are the best allowed.

I would ask if you can run a motorcraft 2 barrel on a gm. if so you can get a 680 or so one from a imca stock car guy easy. thats what they all ran.

get 2 valve relief pistons, gm powder 5.98 rods, and have it all balanced, zero decked etc.

posted November 06, 2003 01:33 PM
Hey 66, Jake said his rules were somewhat the same, easy tiger. SSR, I agree with 66 on the heads and carb, tho 441's and 993's are good, too. Deck the block, run x-rods with good bolts, best pistons you can afford, and a cam from somebody who knows cams. Try to find a Canadian 313 intake(saw one on ebay yesterday). Good luck.

posted November 06, 2003 01:49 PM
well i got a real good rodchester carb its one from a carb place down south for get the name but it has more cfm than a non touched holey 4412 i got a cnanadian intake. my block is a 355 got good rods cheep pistons and a speed pro 447/447 cam Oh they made a rule after they bade the book on cam lift can only be 450. Last year you could of got away with murder in the class 1 night all they checed was the casting numbers on the head lol

i got around $2000 im mine and a guy the class above gots $10000. go to a diffrent track have to race the same class who do you think did beter not the $10000 engien i was pushing him around all over the place so you dont need lots of money in the engine to be fast.

posted November 06, 2003 02:40 PM
Thanks tilley for taking up for me, at my track, if you pull 16" of vacuum, you are considered a "pure stock" I pitted next to a guy that had a torker II intake and a 600 holley, with dual lines, he pulled vacuum with a canister under his dash, 16" and was in my heat, so if he had that on the top end of his motor, what was underneath? I think a stroker with a quadrajet and cast intake is fair game? dont you Tilley?

Anyways, any ideas on what to do with the 993's? its got 1.94 1.50's, should i port a little, or will it matter with the cam I have to run to get by with vacuum?

Also, I am a rookie, trying hard at College.

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