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Author Topic:   rod ratio
posted November 03, 2003 06:04 AM
chasing some help on rod ratios, at the moment i have 5.625 rod 3.06 stroke[australian v8 7500 on alky 4 barrel good heads] and with a a little mucking round can get a 5.8 rod in but only gain .06 in ratio. will it help much? or should i spend it else were thanks

posted November 03, 2003 06:54 AM
every little bit helps. i ran a basically stock 302 ford with a 5.09" rod......threw a weight off the flywheel and had to rebuild it. went back with the exact same set-up except i used 289 rods(5.155") and clipped the tops of the pistons down to zero deck. this was in a maverick street car. it went from 14.0 1/4 mile times to 13.6 both in street trim.

it may not help you as much, you're already looking pretty good on rod/stroke ratio....

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