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Author Topic:   While we're at it......
posted October 31, 2003 06:53 PM
..I'm reading a lot of stuff about the roller cams. OK, most of you say "go roller!" BUT-----where I race we got a lift rule .488. Would a roller cam be advisable when restricted to such a small amount of lift?

posted October 31, 2003 10:18 PM
For what its worth. My old Dyno 2000 showed substantial power gains using a roller lifter in the 450 lift range. I can only assume such a dramatic positive effect on a dyno would have to hold some truth in a real world engine. Using a 450 lift rule and a roller attained numbers in the 420 range on both sides of the board. Compare that to a best effort between 350-380 using a hydraulic flat tappet lifter. All this was based on a pretty basic 350 chevy with 10-1 compression. There is a reason Detroit went to rollers in the last Old-School V-8 castings.

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