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Author Topic:   LS1 Aluminum block
posted October 28, 2003 11:44 AM
The only motor used in ASA is the LS1. The LeMans Corvette uses it also. All the parts for these motors are available from Scoggin-Dickey, but I'll go ahead and tell you that they aren't cheap.

posted October 29, 2003 06:18 AM
Many aftermarket performance parts manufacturers have LS-1 components too. One company, Cartek, installs new cylinder sleeves and a stroker crankshaft to boost displacement to 427 cid. Open the main page and hit "What's New".

I've got new LS-1 bare engine blocks and stock crankshafts. Send me an email if interested.
Gerry Dedonis
Kansas Racing Products Inc.


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