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Author Topic:   carb adapters
posted October 24, 2003 10:08 PM
i'm switching from a 2g rochester to a 4412 next year this will be on a 355 9/1 limited mod motor.which would be a better setup to use a slider all the way to the back on a 4 brl intake or a 1 in adapter and put it on my 2 brl one we can't do any mods to the intake they must remain stock i have a 2 brl off a 70's 400 and a 4brl off a 75 350 truck

posted October 25, 2003 05:19 PM
4 barrel over the secondaries is what brezinski suggests over a 2 barrel every time.

if you can hog the 4 barrel I dont think you need to put it over the secondaries.

I personally started racing in a hobby car and used a 2 barrel on a 2 barrel intake to me it made more sence I dont think that way anymore, since I was turning it 6000-6500, which is above both intakes rpm range.

posted October 26, 2003 01:44 PM
i was going to hog out my 4 brl but thats one of the rule changes for this year no opening up 4 brl intakes

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