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Author Topic:   engine simulator .. engineers welcome
posted October 20, 2003 09:43 PM           
Hi all. I'm an electrical engineer and I was tinkering with some ideas....

For electronic circuits, signifigant development has gone into simulation programs... basicaly because circuits operate by following known physical processes we can simulate a circuit's behavior on the computer with great accuracy. In the simulation tool, each circuit element is represented by a table of values that determine its operation.

Like electronics, engines also operate based on known physical properties.

carburetor flow rate vs rpm,
cam specs,
intake flow rate,
head flow rate,
exhaust flow rate,
compression ratio,
rod length,
type of rings and friction assosciated,
oil viscosity
etc etc.... all of these things go into an engine's operation

so.... given ALL of the specs of the engine, one should be able to simulate an engine's performance on the computer and optimize it to get the best performance.

To make this possible, when a head or carburetor is sold the numerical values that determine its charactaristic operation should be included.... then you could just pop in the values for the part you have into the simulator and see how it will affect engine performance.

Once all known parts have been charactarized, it can be simplified by using drop down boxes in the simulator to choose your part, then simulate....

A good step further would be the user would input what RPM he wants his powerband to focus on then tell the computer what heads, carburetor, CID , rod lenght, pistons, exhaust, valve sizes etc he has and it would calculate the optimum cam specs. Then he could give those specs to the cam builder and have an optimum setup.

Does anyone know of this sort of thing going on? Would any of you guys pay for a program with these capabilities?


posted October 21, 2003 06:05 AM
the mr gasket desktop dyno is the only program i know of that is close to what your talking about. although it's good to use to learn about camshaft changes it does lack places that you can enter known information like intake/exhaust port volume, ignition advance, combustion chamber shape and piston shape ect.
i think it gives its results based upon air flow calculations.

posted October 21, 2003 07:52 AM
Yes there are some programes out there for engine simulation. It's not as simple to simulate an engine as it is circuits. There are some very complex dynamics taking place inside and engine that require a full out simulation program, not just a table driven program. check out the two sites below they are two differnt levels of simulation. It just depends on how precise you want to get with you simulation.

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