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Author Topic:   help with starting problem!!!!!!!!!!
posted October 07, 2003 07:42 PM           
ok my block is 30 over, milled at 5

heads are 416 heads milled at 30

with 1.84 intakes 1.6 exhaust valves set
at 24 thousandths

have oem head gasket

new plugs

11 to 1 forged dome pistons

new hei distributor parts

new battery

new fuel pump(stock)

good battery cables

solid cam but dont know specs on it

anything im missing? what if the cam lobe is worn? that would be it but this engine is brand new!!!

please been tryin to start now for a week!!!

email at or post here!


posted October 07, 2003 09:21 PM
if you've cranked and cranked on it and you're sure that you have the timing correct, etc., try pulling all the plugs and squirting some motor oil in the cylinders. you might have washed all the oil out of the cylinders with fuel and the rings aren't sealing enough to get it to fire. i know this sounds weird, but it can happen with a new engine.

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