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Author Topic:   383 vs 406
posted September 16, 2003 06:33 PM
I'm getting about ready for more power than my 355 can muster. So, what are the pro's and cons of a 383 vs 406 in an IMCA stock car on a usually tacky 1/4 mile track with long straightaways and tight turns?

posted September 17, 2003 01:11 PM
Just my 2 cents but I believe the 383 is good on a tacky track but not on a dry slick. I would preferr the 406 on a dry track. The 383 can be hard to drive depending how you are with your foot. If you are a mash it driver I would go with the 406 if you are easy on the right foot I like the 383. I have seen more 406s come apart because of the block but guys seem to like them. I truely believe it is a total package (cam, heads, valve size, compression, stroke etc. and either would be good.

posted September 17, 2003 04:14 PM
To me for the trouble of getting everything clearanced and balanced right you might as well build a 406. Then you get the long stroke for torque plus big bore to help breathing. Plus its easier to build horsepower with cubic inches. Downside is if you plan on turning them very hard they have to be built well and good 400 blocks are getting harder to find.

Advantage to the 383 is 350 blocks are plentiful. But they still have to be built well and again you have to clearance the block to get everything to fit, especially with 6" rods, which you prob have to do with either motor, so there again might as well build the bigger one.

But I feel you can also go overboard with either but especially the 406, where you can make too much torque and make the thing virtually undrivable especially on IMCA tires.

If you run a tacky hooked up track id say go with the 406, if your track is dry and slick most of the time, go with something smaller like a 377 or well built 355. That way you kill some torque but can still build decent horsepower and gear to suit.

posted September 25, 2003 07:44 PM
I've ran them both and the 383 with the 6 inch rods does well on the dry slick and tacky with the right gears and you can turn them more if neccessary without seeing the smoke come out the back

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