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Author Topic:   another missing question
posted September 09, 2003 01:04 AM
ok my 350 has a miss when you rev it at say 2500 you can see it in the tach just a little and you can hear it miss it seems to do it thru all the rpm range, I have the timming locked out on 36 and when I out the oight onm the balancer since it started missing the timming mark will set there on 36 then it will jump about a 1 inch is that the miss I am seeing and how do I track it down. Does that elimanate the carb cause I see it with the light or no? New wires,new coil where should I start

posted September 09, 2003 10:52 AM
I would check your distributor. Pull the cap
and rotor and inspect the weights and springs
and make sure they are secure. Look at the
weight stubs and the c clips that hold weights down. If they look fine, try another set of weights and springs to see if the problem goes away.

posted September 10, 2003 12:21 AM
This sounds like a single cyl problem. At the 2500 rpm you mentioned, take some water and dip your finger in it and touch each header pipe coming off your heads. Watch it very closly and compare with the tube next to it. The cyl that is the problem will show because the water will not evaporate as fast. It might only be a little slower but it will show you which cyl. After you determine which cyl, check all the basic stuff like plug gap, cracks, wire (could try another), etc.. (Note: Some cracks can be very difficult to see. If in doubt, put another spark plug in.)

posted September 10, 2003 01:25 AM
thanks all for the help after getting the living fire knocked out of me today buy that D#M Accel coil a few times I determined it to be firing very very well, so I checked plugs and and cleaned them and it cleared up so I think that it may be loading up alittle running in the garage but I think it will be fine on the track thanks all
WARNING+: Accel Coils While Make you HURT youself when it BITES YOU lol

posted September 12, 2003 04:39 PM
Oh FastEddy's poor man's EGT is sooooocool.
I'd never heard of that one before. Thank you.
When you see a miss that causes the timing light to bounce backwards, it indicates a miss on the intake side of the cylinder.
It caused the flow of mixture to be momentarily be interupted to a cylinder. This can be caused by a leaking intake valve, or floating....etc etc. It can be caused by a cylinder not firing too, but that's not as likely.
Dont pass up a very hot place in the intake manifold either.

I wonder why nobody's come up with a PC based program with an adapter for the spark plug wire, that will mark a missing pulse?

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