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Author Topic:   Carb ? for KP or anyone
posted September 05, 2003 06:30 PM
I have one of your Outlaw 2 barrel carbs. What should the float level be at? Any guesses on what size jets? I have #76 in it now and when I get it up to 4000 it falls flat on its face. Its a 355, flattop, 9-1, with a near stock cam, stock intake and exhaust manifolds, with HEI and 487x heads. On a 1/3 mile clay medium banked track. There are no vaccum leaks and the dist. is locked


posted September 05, 2003 11:35 PM
are you still running the stock ignition coil and modual that could cause a problem like that. if you think it's the float play around with it and see if that the problem seting the float level isn't to hard to fine tune

posted September 06, 2003 12:03 AM
First, make sure your fuel pressure isn't dropping off and running the bowl down, then set the float to just a hair below the bottom of the site plug hole with the engine idling and about 6lbs of fuel pressure at idle.
There may be a slight change needed to increase the booster signal as manifold vacuum drops when rpms go up. I will do this for you for free (and fast, too).
The midrange on a couple of these carbs was overlooked when those boosters were installed, and newer designs have taken care of this.
The next thing you might try (assuming you have also confirmed that jetting is not just way too lean) is to richen up the main air bleeds about .003-.005". I'll send ya the bleeds, just let me know, ok?
Another thing that comes to mind is that you mentioned you're running a "near stock" cam. In this case, the carb may be basically overbuilt for the application. In which case, if nothing else we try fixes it, I'll be glad to de-tune it for you and re-set it up for that mild of a cam.

Keep me posted on symptoms and/or changes, and I'll make sure it gets corrected.


posted September 11, 2003 12:11 AM
Kp I found the problem. I took the fuel filter off and cut it in half and it was plugged with junk. Now I have way to much horsepower I was spinning the tires all the way down the backstreach and through the turn. The carb is illegal in IMCA so I will just have to find a good stock one. Know anyone that needs a great carb?


posted September 11, 2003 07:15 AM
How much do you want for it??

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