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Author Topic:   Comments-LOL!
posted September 03, 2003 05:37 PM
This afternoon I was watching a nascare commercial and the guy says "To get more horespower we lowered the floorboard to get more pedal movement!"

Any others!?

posted September 04, 2003 07:18 AM
Had a guy that was winning a lot of races, people always complaining about his car, you know, the usual ... so he told the tech man ahead of time, and while the car was sitting in the staging area, they took some regular racing gas in a bottle, put it in a cooler with some dry ice, opened the cooler up in staging (smoke pouring out of the cooler, guys wearing welding gloves, totally super secret stuff) and added it to the fuel cell.
People came unhinged ! It was so funny, it rattled so many people's cages that at the pay off window they had to explain the joke, people were UPSET ... but we laughed so hard that our sides hurt ....

posted September 05, 2003 11:20 AM
I once knew of two good friends racing against each other.They were very close till it came to them being first and second in the points then the one in second started the protest game. The two were out parts shopping together and the point leader bought a set of aluminum heads which were not allowed in Street class. Following week the 2nd place guy put up the tear down cash and found out the guy put the heads on his tow vehicle. LOL

posted September 10, 2003 05:47 PM
Way back in the early '70s when I was in High School... Anyway a guy said that he wanted to put taller tires on the back of his car to get better gas mileage, with the car sloped to the front it would be like driving down hill all the time! LOL!!!!!!

"loojackracing, a not for profit organization"

posted September 10, 2003 06:30 PM
Way back in 1989,, we went to Florida to race during speedweeks. IMCA was big down there at the time and we had a modified. Keith Knaack was down there also. we had radically styled new homebuilt mod that was turning alot of heads. so we decided to go to Walmart and buy one of them 'fake' cell phone antennaes that you could buy back then, they just glued to your roof and made every one think you were special LOL
well needless to say the tech men didnt think it was funny and were convinced that we had pit to car communication!, that and the fact the car was very fast, and unusual, we had em all over us..they even comfinscated the drivers helmet and ripped out all the padding searching for the 'earphones' it was a riot!!!!

posted September 10, 2003 09:01 PM
On my first stocker I ran an older style alternator, with the external voltage regulator....well I took the time to paint that regulator red and filed the aluminum fins back to shiny, put a very small MSD sticker along the top firewall side (barely visable) Tech looked at it 3 or 4 times that year and even tho they KNEW what was up--the guys I raced against were SURE I was getting some kind of special treatment!

posted September 10, 2003 11:58 PM
These are great!! Especially the one about the fuel in the dry ice with all the smoke! Keep 'em coming!!

posted September 11, 2003 12:16 AM
We built two small aluminum caps, drilled and tapped the stock axle flange and bolted them on a mini stock, everyone thought we were running a floater rear end, tech guys thought it was hilarious,also installed a brake adjuster handle though it wasnt hooked to anything.

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