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Author Topic:   schafer oil
posted September 01, 2003 08:15 AM
Been running royal purple 15w40 and have no complaints.The parts store that donates oil and filters said schafer rep. came in and did the wear test and the rp was the best of what they sold in there store.But wounldn't match the schafer even with antifreeze in the schafer.The manager and the machine shop boss both where aware of the bullsht gimicks with these tests and used products off there shelf to run the tests.The schafer syn blend beat everything .I know I have read here on the forum that others talk about using schafer if it can maintain a film and reduce friction thats cool but how does it hold up to the heat.I see signs of less heat in the rocker fulcrums with the rp they will have a hard time getting me to try the schafer.Just would like other opinions.

posted September 01, 2003 02:24 PM
Not knocking the Schafer oil , but I'd stick with your RP and what works . The trick to the load test is what they use to clean the ball bearing before each product is tested , not in the product that's being tested . The next rep through the door might be the RedLine guy , and his product will test better than all the rest I think that there are plenty of benefits to synthetic oil , regardless of the brand , but I also believe that RP is head and shoulders above the rest .


Hendren Racing Engines
Rutherfordton , NC

posted September 01, 2003 09:05 PM
I started using Schaeffer 20/50 instead of M1 15/50 about 6 months ago. Temp dropped solid 10 degrees and oil pressure went up from 22 to 45 at hot idle. I am not an oil expert... but 10 degrees cooler = less friction = less wear = less broken stuff!

I am now running it in everything I have... tough to find >> but worth looking!

posted September 01, 2003 10:25 PM
The engine builders love it ... people use it ... why is Royal Purple the "Great unknown" oil company ?

Here in FL, I cant find it .... just wondering why ?

posted September 01, 2003 11:47 PM
Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one. The Dirt Forum gives us the freedom to express our a-hole, good or bad. I use Havoline. Change it every 2-3 nites. Never tried synthetic. So there! In my humble experience, one a-hole is as good as the next!

machine for speed
posted September 02, 2003 01:54 AM
Mod4 - I believe that you can find royal purple at most Napa stores- they can get it if they dont stock it.

posted September 02, 2003 01:51 PM
the dyno doesn't lie. synthetic oil is worth extra horsepower.

posted September 03, 2003 02:27 PM
I'm using Amsoil this year and trying the 'leave it in' technique. The motor has about 12 races on it with the Amsoil and 1 filter change so far... and it's been run hot (240-250) too many times to count. I also wasted a belt last week and still at 260 or so it had 60PSI@3000 and 25@idle.

This was a 'spare parts' motor and was destined to come apart at the end of the year (or earlier) no matter what. So we'll see what it looks like in another month or so. Although, so far, it seems like it's holding up really well.

posted September 04, 2003 05:31 PM
Im not sure I get that. Are you trying to blow up the motor on purpose or is there a real reason to not change the oil?

posted September 04, 2003 08:47 PM

I think what he means by the 'leave it in' technique is an extended drain interval. Since the synthetic oil holds up better and doesnt break down it will last longer than a convetnional oil. Guys that would change conventional oil every 2 races may go 6 (some more) on synthetic. To me the key is running a good oil filter to keep the oil clean. With synthetic you end up changing the oil to get rid of the contaminants not because the oil has broken down. Personally we change filters every 2 nights and oil 4 or 6 depending on conditions.

posted September 05, 2003 01:24 PM
Dirtbuster has it. Basically, I'd read about how people have left Amsoil, RP, Redline, etc etc in racers for years and never changed it. So, since I have a motor I don't have alot of $$$ in, I figured I'd test it myself. Curiosity killing the cat and all. I'm running 20w50 and Wix racing filters. Although I'm 'only' spinning about 6000-6100 where some guys are spinning upwards of 7000 that would break the oil down faster.

posted September 06, 2003 08:20 AM
I guess I should stay with whats been working .The rp tech line said they recomend changing after 3 races .Long as i get free oil I will do that.Thanks for all the opions.

posted September 08, 2003 07:59 PM
I don't know anything about the Schaefer oil. But here's a interesting link, that I found yesterday.

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