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Author Topic:   360 limited stroker Q's?
posted August 26, 2003 02:59 PM
We've all heard about the little fORD 302 strokers. I know there is one tranny guy in here with great success. What I'm needing to know is where do you end with dependability, how big to go? Which factory cranks will all turn down and fit? What length rods came in the 302? I see the cheap cranks on ebay, but have to use OEM cranks. Also, which head is a good one that is easy to find? I hear the GT40 is a fine head. All this on a $600 budget.

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posted August 26, 2003 03:24 PM
The early 302 strokers were turned down 351C cranks to 3.40" stroke and custom 5.4" connecting rods. I'm sure it could be made to work with stock rods (5.09" I believe) but the rod-stroke ratio would blow goats being about equal to a stock GM 400 small block. I've also heard of making a long rod 302 with 5.565" stock GM 400 rods. Anything is gonna need pistons that will throw the $600 budget way outta whack. You're probably not gonna find a $100/set pistons that will work in a 302 stroker.

If you wanna go cheap on all stock parts to spank people, do the 5.565" long rod 302 with 351M/351C heads. Basically making a Boss 302 motor on you're own. If you're lucky you can even find a steel Boss 302 crank. It'll rev to the moon and make killer topend power. Although, if you're running against 350+CID motors on a tacky track, you'd be better off sacrificing the weight and building a 351W.

posted August 26, 2003 11:16 PM
Ok Raz, I'll be willing to up the budget to an even grand. No exotic parts like Clevor intakes to make cleveland heads work or the like. Everyday junk parts you know.

posted August 27, 2003 06:49 AM
try a 5.0 crank, 289 rods, with the pistons clipped to zero deck. this should keep you within your budget. ask your machinist, i believe there is also a small block chevy off the shelf piston that will work with the 289 rods and not need to be clipped. you will have to hone the small end of the rod to fit the chevy pins though. be sure to balance it and clay check it

this makes a nice little high winding engine that will last and last.....

don't forget a good set of heads, '65 289's are nice as well as '69-'70 351w and there are some later heads that are good the gt-40 and gt-40p.

posted August 27, 2003 07:47 AM
I run a 347 with good power and dependability but your budget would be gone in a heartbeat.Look at the mustang depot on ebay find dee$ on the seller list.There are a lot of parts (all ford) brand names at reduced prices.I have bought some parts and and have nothing to complain about aluminum flywheel was $279.00 and if bought from manufactorer it was around $400.00.They have more than one grade of rotating assemblies so you might find something within your budget.I like to use parts I can get easily incase I have a problems.Speedway motors has a $900.00 347 kit.Look around you might be able to find something that will strech your budget a bit.I've got about $3500 in my 347 and it kicks **** beats alot of 355 sbc costing 3 times as much.

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