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Author Topic:   vortec heads
posted August 18, 2003 04:09 AM
Are the GM Vortec heads really the new hot ticket these days? If so Why?

RC Racing
posted August 18, 2003 10:22 AM
Ran some on my last car (changed classes). They were, ok. I believe you can get heads that flow better for about the same price.

Biggest complaint I had about the heads... in order to run the old style valve covers, or if you're running a stud girdle, you have to buy an adapter plate (around $130), and then warp and leak over time.

Bottom line (for me) if I had stayed in that class, I would have replaced them. (JMO)


posted August 18, 2003 10:32 AM
In a class where you have to use a stock production head.... i think yes they are the way to go. Downside is they still require work to really be race ready, like screw in studs, valve springs, valve guide machining for lift clearance, etc.

If you can run aftermarket heads then i would say for the same money, the dart or world products heads are defintely the way to go. They are heavier castings, have the standard intake pattern, screw in studs, and can be bought with 2.02/1.60 or bigger valves ready to run.

posted August 20, 2003 06:09 AM
Thanks alot for helping me.

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