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Author Topic:   2bl or 4 bl intake
posted July 31, 2003 01:31 PM
Unless there is another penalty for running the q-jet i would run will flow a lot more air than the holley 2barrel. Just spend some time getting it set up right.

Cam choice would depend on heads, compression, fuel, track, gear, tires...etc.... need more details to help.

posted August 11, 2003 08:56 PM
i have a 2 barrel intake and a 4412 holley,my engine is stock except for the cam and most guys in my class run the bowtie intake and saturday night the guy that won the feature took 5 laps to get around me so i think if you have basicaly a stock motor go with the 2 barrel, if youve got a true race engine go with the 4 barrel stuff(oh yea he wouldnt have passed me if my engine wouldnt have started crappin out on me)

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