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Author Topic:   More Power
posted July 25, 2003 09:50 PM
I have a 350 4 bolt main, Howards cam and valve springs,Speed pro 30 over flat tops with coated skirts,stock crank and rods, heads are 336 casting and I had them shaved down to 70 cc,(Rules are 70 cc min)and also had all the port and polishing done in the bowl area and inside that could be done but did not do alot on ports because rules say no porting or polishing, Have stock cast intake and a quadrajet. The rules dont allow for much more but since I totaled my old car and waiting on new one bing built is there any simple power adders that I missed, I also have accel in cap super coil and wires, just tryin to get a edge but not sure what to do

posted July 25, 2003 09:52 PM
Also this engine as a lock out plate in distributor and is timmed to 36 degrees per howards cam recomendation. When its warm and you shut it down it acts a little funny like it almost wants to keep running but then shuts off, what could cause this or is it just cause the timming is advanced all the time?

The Outlaw
posted July 25, 2003 10:34 PM
what you running for fuel, octane rating?

posted July 25, 2003 11:04 PM
93 octane pump gas

The Outlaw
posted July 26, 2003 01:06 AM
try running racing fuel, see what happens!

posted July 26, 2003 09:08 AM
if you have to run flat top pistons you could have the block decked to boost a little more power,.020 is common with flat tops.

posted July 28, 2003 08:35 AM
to low of octane sounds like do you have the cam degreed any?

posted July 28, 2003 11:52 AM
intake casting number 346249 "T" intake. The "T" intake is supposed to have a
higher plenum than other intakes with the same casting number.
I used the 346250 last year, and the 49 really makes a
difference over 50 this year. I've really noticed the difference in
straight away speed.

if you can only run stock exhaust, make sure your exhaust system includes the
use of 92-95 Suburban exhaust manifolds with 2 1/2" outlet. They'll work
for manual or automatic tranys and flow well.

as for the carb, here is a good starting place, as there are many mods
to make to a qjet,
and here for the parts,

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