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Author Topic:   Allky motor heat?
posted July 23, 2003 11:29 PM
When you first start up your motro does it seem to get real hot on the headers? When i start up my motor it seems to get hotter than i think it should? The water temp doesnt go up real fast but standing by the headers they seem to get hot. Talking with some people they say that it could be from the dist timing? I am at about 33 at idle and 36ish just off if i am off a tad on my timing mark i could be off a tad (i read the other post how to make sure i am at tdc). What could cause a motor to heat up that quick ...but not overheat? vacum leaks or anything like that....

posted July 24, 2003 08:29 AM
fuel burning as it goes out the headers will excessively heat up the tubes but not show it in the water temps.
As many have said, overly retarded timing will cause overheated exhaust (glowing, etc). These two things are directly related, too.
Also, an excessively rich idle circuit that dumps more alky than the motor can use at idle may tend to overheat the pipes if (as above) the fuel is then being sent out the pipes and ignited by hot exhaust gases.

Just a couple thoughts....

But definitely verify that timing mark, and then double check your ignition timing.

Hope that helps,

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