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Author Topic:   drain the alcohol or not?
posted July 22, 2003 04:32 PM
I don't see a need to necesarily drain the system if the car is only going to sit for a couple days. What I WOULD question is why there is excess fuel allowed to sit in the cyl's. That shouldn't happen unless the motor is either loading up severely at idle, or the carb has an internal fuel leak allowing raw fuel into the intake after the car is shut off. An example of this is when a power valve circuit leaks by the gasket or the valve itself.
One recommendation would be to use a good alky fuel lube such as ProBlend or something. That eliminates chalking and rusting of parts.
One quick tip on shutting the motor down (and Bill H may have better advice here) is to clean the motor out (throttle-wise) before shutting it off, so that any excess fuel from idle circuit loading gets used up.
Not sure that'll help much here, but it's a thought.

Hope that helps,

posted August 02, 2003 03:19 PM
Every time you kill the motor should be done with shutting the fuel line off and letting it run dry. For 2 reasons... 1. alcohol is basically bad for everything, leaves crud behind when it dries, kills rubber seats and the like, and so on. 2. and this can be big, is if you are getting fuel in the cyl. then this is my point exactly, you jump in, either tsart it or go to get pushed off, but fuel has run into the cyl. so it turns over and say 80 cc's has gotten in there, and your head is 65cc.. something is gonna give and it wont be the fuel( can't compress a liquid, but you can steel and aluminum) so be smart and expect those kinds of things to happen, then they won't.
You also should purge your fuel system after you are done racing with a gasoline/2-stroke mix , then you will never ever have problems and all the internals will love you for it as well.

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