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Author Topic:   Secondary metering rods
posted July 21, 2003 12:56 PM
Need help with secondary metering rods. I need to know where to order?? I think I am looking for the dr rods.? For racing.I just order the edl 1950 and the edl 1951 from summit racing will be here in two days. Where can a man find the dr rods? Salvage yards around don't have too many quads. Thanks I am running a pure stock 350 3 speed flat tops, 481xheads,410 lift cam, 308 rear gear, on a medium banked oil-packed dirt 1/2 mile track. I had AN rods in the carb, But tried to file them down and messed up ! Car was fluttering at the end of straights. Seemed to be running out of gas. Thanks. I have DD rods in there now but got rained out sat noght so didn't get to try them.DD was the only ones I could find on short notice. Running a B Hanger. Thanks soo much.

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