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Author Topic:   what can i do with a 307
posted July 14, 2003 07:29 PM
I have a 307 chevy engine, and I was wondering what I could do with it as far as swapping crankshafts around, and what size I could come up with, this would be for a hobby stock type car.

posted July 14, 2003 08:17 PM
i ran one that we pulled right out of a truck with over 100,000 on her changed oil pump,cam and timing chain was a realy good little motor in sloppy and realy dryslick tracks didn't burn the tires off like everybody else if it was tacky tho see ya later i got smoked lol

posted July 14, 2003 10:17 PM
You can bore the 307 out to a 4.00 and have a standard bore 350. That is about all they are good for, in my opinion.

racer 4
posted July 14, 2003 10:36 PM
Yes, you can put a 350 crank in a 307 block.

posted July 15, 2003 03:52 PM
Gotta boat?
will make a good boat anchor.In my opinion its probably the worst engine Chevy made. Just my opinion though.

Big Bear

racer 4
posted July 15, 2003 07:05 PM
Check out the most recent edition of "Engine Masters" by Popular Hot Rodding. A guy built a 307 for the competition and ended up finishing 3rd. The article on him goes through the entire engine, parts, machining and all.

rico 08
posted July 16, 2003 06:55 PM
The crank will fit into a 400 block with spacers for a high winding 350.Also some rules call for a 5.0L engine limit or 320ci and a 307 is the best thing to run.

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