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Author Topic:   rocker studs
posted July 01, 2003 06:48 PM
How do the stock rocker studs come out of the head? They are dubble hump heads. Do they just ***** out? Thanks

posted July 01, 2003 08:00 PM
they are pressed in. there is a tool made for that but i have used a slide hammer and that works well.

posted July 02, 2003 12:40 AM
All you need is to make something like this:

Then use a pair of old rocker nuts and flat washers. Take the impact and thread the nuts down it will pull the studs right out. You might want to use some oil on the threads and on the bottom of the nut. They will get warm.

A spacer could be made from round bar stock, or just a chunk of square steel. After they are all pulled out take a countersink, and put a small chamfer on each stud hole. This will make the tap start alot easier. If you are using shouldered studs the best way would be to have the stud boss tops spot faced so they are square and flat for the hex to tighten on.

Or just ask Joe what we did when he had a couple studs that slid up. Barry

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