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Author Topic:   Desktop Dyno's?
posted June 27, 2003 05:12 PM
My friend purchased a camshaft program and has been fooling around with different valve openings and closings. He called me last night and gave me specs on a camshaft that his program shows to make good torque and power. I'm very apprehensive, due especially to the odd centerlines. 110.5 and 112 I've always run camshafts which have lobe centers of around 106. Has anyone had any experience with these programs OR experience with higher intake and exhaust centerlines. It's a hydraulic camshaft at .470 lift (rules).
Help! I don't have the $ to make a bad choice!

posted June 27, 2003 10:04 PM
i have a desk top dyno too. its very interesting to play with and see what responds to what but, i have never seen a back to back test with a engine on a dyno and i'm not sure that I would trust everything that the computer tells you. the programs are supposedly quite accurate though as they are based on air flow calculations.
probably the best thing for you to do is log onto the web sites of different cam manufacturers and check out thier selection guides or email thier technical support department. there is a good chance that between all the major cam manufacturers, they have probably tried all the combinations that any program (that we can afford) is going to be able to suggest.

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