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Author Topic:   heads
posted June 14, 2003 10:55 AM
Ok, my heads should be in within a couple of days. My machine shop messed them up first time thru. I had chevy valves in the 351w heads. My new heads are D0OE 1970 heads, same as old. I had roller rockers on the other ones, guide plates, the whole 9 yards. My question, do I need to put the chevy valves in the new heads to make it all fit back again? My cam is a high lift racing cam, so what's the least expensive route I can take to get on the track? This is the only major thing I am waiting on. Thanks!


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posted June 15, 2003 11:18 AM
I have seen the results of what you are describing happen way too often. Your heads need to be set up by a qualified person who can evaluate whether are not the parts are compatible with each other, and suitable for the intended use. Most all Ford production heads need so many machining operations done to them, that it is impossible to answer your question. Are the seats cut for the larger valves? Has the guide to retainer clearance been checked and fixed? Has the step been cut to allow for dual springs? Is the valve/retainer/ spring height relationship still where it needs to be? See what I mean? Do not let a lack of funds prevent you from getting a good setup on your heads. Valve train problems can and will destroy an engine completely, quicker than you can think " What's that funny vibration?"...Ka-boom!

posted June 15, 2003 07:05 PM
If you have to do all this work on these heads it has to cost some bucks.They problably still aren't as good as world products heads. Sometimes you can pick up a good set of heads for a fair price used.N heads are supposed to be the best but I can't run them due to the no roller rocker rule.I run a 347 in a 3300# factory stock on a 5/8 track and have no problem running with the 406's in 3000# gm metrics with windsor jr. heads that I payed 800.00 bucks for new.I prefer the small camber over the bigger valves it works for me.

posted June 15, 2003 08:55 PM
donnie, i'm setting up a set of D0OE 351w heads right now. i'm using chevrolet 1.60" and 1.94" +.100 valves, s-crew in studs and guide plates. i'm having the pockets opened up for the bigger valves with a cutter and i'm going to blend the bowl area and remove the thermactor bosses in the exhaust ports with a die grinder. i'm also having the heads machined for double springs. i'll probably have $400-$450 total in the heads counting the castings, parts and machine work.

if you have to use factory heads, you've got the right ones, in my opinion.

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