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Author Topic:   Timing belt or timing chain?
posted June 13, 2003 04:22 PM
Which is better, a timing belt or a timing chain? Engine is a 383, solid cam, 2.08 Iron eagles, 1.6 rockers and about 13.3 compression.
Does someone make one that fits under a stock cover? Or do they all go under the stock cover?

posted June 13, 2003 09:35 PM
Comp Cams makes a belt drive that fits(barely) under a stock cover, with a belt made to run in oil, and pulleys suitably modified. Costs about $400. Comp and Jesel make dry belt drives also. They are not meant to be used with stock type cover. However, be aware that these are not slap in and go items like a chain. I have put the wet belt under a stock cover, but it took some doing, and I was not too thrilled with the results, due to the flimsiness of the cover. Now I use the Cloyes aluminum cover, which still takes some doing, but ends up a much better setup. IMHO, belt drives are not for $2500 engines, they are for $10,000 and up motors. Which is better? FWIW, I have an engine spinner about 18" long(9" per side) that I use to turn motor over during building. With crank, bearings, cam and cam drive in place, the belt drive takes noticeably less Monster power to spin rapidly.

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