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Author Topic:   sbc timing advance????
posted June 06, 2003 06:36 AM
I would think 104 would more than enough octane. The stock vortec engines are almost 9.5:1 and run on pump gas. There is no need of going overboard on octane and in fact will sometimes hurt performance.

Vortec heads are prety effecient and like less timing than older stock heads. I would say try around 34 to start with.

rico 08
posted June 06, 2003 09:10 AM
I would say 34 max and i would start around 30-32.

Trophy Chaser
posted June 09, 2003 12:21 AM
High octance gas is good and has lubrication benifits, but as with everything else in racing has some considerations. The higher the octane, the more fuel you need. A little trial and error. A lean motor will run hot regardless of how well the system is put together. You must commit to an octane and set up accordingly. I have a 9.5 to 1 on 110 octane, qjunk w/ a marine pump, rejetted and two spare sets of needles depending on the outside air temp and humidity. Get to know and understand how to read your spark plugs and jet accordingly. by all means do not mix pump fuels and race fuels, there are already enough variables. it will save you a bundle in the long run.

Trophy Chaser
posted June 09, 2003 12:25 AM
Oh yea, Timing depends on how the motor was built. My buddy runs 32 degrees, I run 38 Degrees, and we run door to door, two different motor designs, both 350 chevys. Time to do more homework

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