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Author Topic:   Stud Girdles
posted May 16, 2003 01:35 PM
I'm going from roller tipped rockers to full rollers and was wondering if stud girdles were optional or do you have to run them.
Anybody run Proform rockers?

posted May 16, 2003 01:53 PM
Optional, but recommended if rules allow them.
Proform's rockers are on the same level as most of the other "economy" brand rockers. Not bad, but watch their quality, sometimes you get goofy ones that were not machined properly, or are just plain junk.
And definitely go with 7/16" studs and good stepped guideplates while you're at it.

Hope that helps,

posted May 16, 2003 02:36 PM
The reason i'm asking is because i'm running a very rarely claimed claimer class, I'd like to go full roller for the reliability and hp gain with an economy style roller.
Thanks for the input.

posted May 16, 2003 10:45 PM
go with harland sharps for a few more bucks.

pro forms got really loose after one season 25 races. i tossed them, harlands are lifetime warrantied also.


posted May 17, 2003 12:09 PM
I bought a brand new set of proforms 1.5 full rollers on ebay for $120.00.US.
So what your saying is that i should sell them and buy better ones,which should be OK because I should be able to sell them up here in Canada for a third more.
Or keep them and run em?
You guys got me nervous now!

posted May 17, 2003 12:37 PM
kp and 66jj are right, geffy. pro forms are junk. check the ratio's of the rockers individually. you'll be shocked. a good set of roller rockers isn't much more and it's well worth it for peace of mind.

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