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Author Topic:   head question ?
posted May 13, 2003 06:55 PM
need advise on the best heads to use,0 decked block,flat top pistons,cast intake 2bbl holley. rules on heads are,cammel humps,smog heads or, products.may angle heads. we are looking for max.compression.currently running 461s milled to53cc.i think this is about all that can be taken off on these without them cracking at the s.p.hole.the newer 492s dont seem to be much better. question is ,are the sr world heads capable of producing atighter combustion chamber, and how do they flow ,as compared to the 461s,462s,and 492s rpm range of 7000 to 7400. does any one have any ideas on this ,how about hendren racing engines i have read some of your posts, ibelieve you could answer this for me . thanks for your help.



posted May 13, 2003 08:03 PM
You can angle mill the 62's and 92's without much problem on the cracked sp holes but the 61's sp holes are a little closer to the piston so those may be a problem. Angle mill of around .120 has produced a chamber of around 50cc for us. It's my understanding that the world head will outflow all 3 of these unless the 61's are "X" heads. The world head may flow better depending on runner size or less shrouding around the valve. A simple pocket port mod will make a big improvement on flow with these humps without breaking the bank or taking too much time to do it if your a "do it yourselfer".

posted May 13, 2003 11:18 PM
garyl ,

I think I'd use the World Product head for the simple fact that it's a very thick head , and you should be able to angle mill them quite a bit more than the OEM heads . I have not personally built a race engine with the WP head's so I'm not sure exactly how far they can be rolled over . I've had a few come through my shop and they look pretty good though . Most of the lower division engines that I build must use an OEM head (no aftermarket or Vortec's). The head we use most often for this application is the 492 casting . The only draw back to the 492 is finding good casting's from the factory . Since they are "Hencho in Mexico" , they have been coming through with a ton of core shift , and extremely pores . All in all I think your best bet would be the WP head's , they are cast correctly and like I stated earlier they are much thicker .


Hendren Racing Engines
Rutherfordton , NC

posted May 14, 2003 07:09 AM
Using 2.02 valves in the Sportsman heads, 51-52cc is fairly easy to get with a straight forward angle mill. If you go to a lot of trouble, like sdhnc does with the iron eagles, lower figures are possible. You did not mention if porting is allowed, but if it is, the World heads are the way to go, imho. As for durability, we a have a set of Sr's (48cc) that are going into their sixth and final year as primaries. A set of iron ProAction high ports will replace them.

posted May 14, 2003 04:09 PM
OOPS! I had a brain faahrt in my previous post. You said "Sr". To me that became "Senior", Chevy became Ford, and blah, blah. The angle mill info applies to SPORTSMAN heads, not SR heads. Never dealt with them on a racing basis. Although sometimes a bit rough, World heads seem to have real good metal in them, and lots of it! I can tell the difference when grinding on em.

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