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Author Topic:   missing
posted May 04, 2003 01:34 PM
Ok I put in a lock out kit in the distibutor and set timming and its right on the money. However at the race the engine started busting up some and seemed to do it upon acceleration and once just did not want to take the gas as I pulled onto the track! Does this sound like a carb problem to yall? I dont think the lock out plate would cause that kinda problem because I can shoot the timming mark with a gun and it never moves and if that was cause the busting up wouldnt the mark flutter of move some? I know this is alot of questionsbut I have another also. I have a 350 just freshened up, 30 over, hyper flat top piistons,336 heads milled down to 70 cc(per rules)mild port work,cast intake with a quadrajet. Howards cam good up to 6000 rpm. This engine will turn up very well just reving it up, however on the track it just get to 4700 rpm or so about 3/4 down straits and just hangs out around there. Now could it be a carb problem causeing this too? ALso my valve springs are stock and teh cam call for seat 105 and open 300# is this close to stock springs or will the be a advantage to changing valve springs. Also this motor has done this before and after rebuid(same valve springs and carb)and before and I have ran several cams and that is where it seems to stop climbing. So carb or what?

posted May 04, 2003 01:42 PM
Sounds like you definitely need to change your valve springs.Springs that are too weak will not let the engine turn RPM's because the valve train acts like a revlimiter.

posted May 04, 2003 04:27 PM
sounds like you may have more than one problem....the stock valve springs should be replaced with something a little stiffer, like a z-28 spring. the engine not taking the gas sounds like an electrical problem....pull a plug and look at the color of the spark. it should be blue and have a crackle. how big is your plug gap? a plug gapped too big will cause a problem like you describe. set the plug gap at .035".

posted May 04, 2003 05:28 PM
plugs are gapped at 35

posted May 04, 2003 06:11 PM
okay, that's still sounds like an electrical problem...not taking the gas under a are some "to do's" to help isolate your problem...

make sure you have a full 12 volts going to the ignition system.

try a different coil if you have one or borrow a buddies that you know doesn't have a problem.

same thing goes for the ignition module.

check the distributor cap and rotor. sometimes they get corroded and a little sandpaper will fix up the terminals.

if you have a plug wire(s) breaking down you will be able to spot it with the engine running in the dark. look for some arcing or if you're man enough, run your hand down all the wires while your other hand is grounded, lol.

did you check the color of the spark? a yellow spark is a weak one and may not be able to make the leap under a load.

posted May 06, 2003 10:13 AM
Check that your dist rotor is in phase .
What is timing set at.
Did you double check timing at 3000rpm's just in case.
Spark plug wires in the right order.
Check float levels in carb.

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