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Author Topic:   over heating and more
posted April 24, 2003 11:03 PM
Ok here is a problem we had last year and hoping to avoid this year but want you alls input on what may be causing it. We run in the bomber class. Pretty much stock 350 with MSD coil and module (locked and weight advance). Timed to 36 degrees fully advanced. And reduced pulleys. Good shroud, blade not more than an inch from the radiator, and run a restrictor. Ok now for the problem/s .... the car runs hot...during both heat races and feature. As high as 250 mabye a tad more, yes I know way too much. Second thing.... when letting off the gas in the corner you can see a flash come out both mufflers every time. Third when shutting the car off always a BOOM in the exhaust. We went through 3 motors last year and they all did the same thing. Leads us to believe it is something that made it on each motor. We had tried a different carb with same results. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for making it so long, but you all always say more info needed.

posted April 24, 2003 11:42 PM
lose the reduction pullies and go to a 1-1 set up reduction works good in alky motors not gas. the boom and flames from the pipes are from excess fuel that didn't burn in the cylender igniting with the heat of the pipes we had the same thing in our cruiser car because we had to run on 7 cylenders never failed every time we shut her down sounded like a gun shot lol. i'd look into the jetting and maybe a hotter plug to burn that fuel

posted April 25, 2003 08:27 AM
dont run a restrictor with reduction pullies.
a friend of mine took his out and so far he is running cool

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