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Author Topic:   Octane Rating for first start-up?
posted April 08, 2003 05:23 AM
Going to fire up the new motor for the first time.
My question is, do I have to put racing fuel in or can I run 92 octane for my first startup to seat rings and stuff?
This is a 13 to 1, 406 Chevy.
I have a 22 gallon fuel cell, if I put in 5 gallons of 92, and when I get to the track should I fill it up with straight racing fuel, or say a mixture of 50/50 of 92 octane and racing fuel to save a little money?
Not really sure what a 13 to 1 requires...

posted April 08, 2003 09:16 AM
Race fuel all the way.

Your not going to burn that much seating rings and you need the octane anyway so just use race gas and not worry about it.

posted April 08, 2003 09:42 AM
In my opinion, 13:1 is a little too stout to be running a mixed fuel. I'd stick with pure 110 octane racing fuel.

I've got a 10:1 motor that I run mixed fuel in. 2 gallons of 92 octane pump gas, mixed with 3 gallons of 110 octane Cam2. Works out to around 102 octane, I figure. Plenty for a 10:1 motor.

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posted April 08, 2003 08:46 PM
I figured I would have to run the 110 at the race track, But i would like to start the car before test and tune only I can't get any gas from the track until then.

Any Idea's on where to find it during the off season.

posted April 08, 2003 09:36 PM
Go to the airport and buy some aviation fuel. Its very high octane and its half the price. Thats what I'm running in my car this year and its what my brother ran in his when he raced. I would NOT start the car without a very high octane fuel in the tank. You'll burn the tops of the pistons if you do.

Smith Racing Team

Racer X
posted April 08, 2003 10:11 PM
Never thought of the octane booster, with the avaition fuel I was thinking it would take different jets.


posted April 09, 2003 09:26 AM
You will have to add a lot of octane booster to get close to what you need. Most of the octane boosters only raise octane a few points meaning 92 becomes 92.2.... not much of a difference. I would still try to find someone who has a gallon or two of race gas and use that. I wouldnt mess around with the pump gas.

Just my opinion though.

posted April 09, 2003 09:43 AM
I found out from a friend that some stations around here sell a fuel called "Torco Racing Fuel" 110 octane.
Has anybody tried this?
1 of the three stations he knows about still has the tank full of kerosene.
Still checking at the other station.

posted April 10, 2003 10:34 AM
The race fuel is not the problem, it's getting some before test and tune, so I can let the motor run a little bit before I show up to the track.

The track will have it there for test and tune, but I'm just trying to find a way to get my hands on something to start it up with first.

I did find a place to by 112 octone, but only in a 55 gallon drum at the cost of $250.
Didn't really want to spend all that before

I was sure I was close to done purchasing all the little last minute items.

rico 08
posted April 11, 2003 09:16 AM
91 octane is enuf if you only let it idle,anything more will burn stuff.IMHO

posted April 11, 2003 09:34 AM
Odb93 The place I found it by the Barrel is
Port City Racing, In Muskegon, Mi. 1-800-472-2464

posted April 11, 2003 09:50 PM
Circle Track mag says the airplane fuel and race gas differences are unmeasureable,if they are the same octane. Be careful buying 55 gal drum, some stations cut the barrel before you buy it, you might be getting a lower octane than the barrle says.

posted April 12, 2003 06:28 AM
Thanks Flan,

I found a place in Louisville Ky Paul's Cycle. They will sell ya 55 gal of the good stuff.

posted April 12, 2003 06:29 AM

What issue was that article in?

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