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Author Topic:   holley carb help
posted March 31, 2003 06:52 PM
First, I would check both floats. If they're brass then remove the fuel bowls, place your thumb on the float to hold it still and give each fuel bowl a shake. If you hear fuel sloshing in the float(s) then replace them. If the floats are black (nitrophyl) then replace them on general principles.

If the carburetor has been sitting a long time it probably needs a rebuild kit installed- at the very minimum it needs a new power valve, needle & seats and pump diaphragms.

This would also be a good time to clean the fuel cell, fuel lines and install new fuel filters.

Finally, if you have an electric or high-performance fuel pump, check your fuel pressure at idle- if it's over 6 psi., I'd install a fuel pressure regulator and set it on 6 psi. The Holley 12-704 is readily available (check around, prices vary widely) and does a good job.

The above should help- if it doesn't, let us know.

Earl Parker II

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[This message has been edited by Earl Parker II (edited March 31, 2003).]

posted April 01, 2003 06:49 AM
Ohio Dirt:Save your money on a rebuild kit.I bought a used one just like yours. And it set for along time.The guy i bought it from,said if it leaks just let it set awhile after some gas had been run through it,and the gaskets would "swell" back up.And "ByGully" it did. Leaked and then let it set over nite.The next day i had no leaks.Guy knew what he was talking about.But i think i'm too late on this reply.See ya at the shop or the track. 3E

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