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Author Topic:   Newb here! Couple of questions.
posted April 05, 2004 05:34 PM
I think imca mod if best. some people think street stock would be the choice i dont now, its hard to say . kinda depends on what you wont to spend.. .. and as far a setups imca started with the old leaf spring setup its very forgiving but it isant used to much anymore .. 2 link/3 Link same thing ,there fast and easer to understand i run 2 link it consist of 2 traling arms and a rubber bisket pull bar and a j bar .im going to chang to a spring loaded bull bar just becouse the rubbers in a pullbar wares out alot faster. now 4 link is in my opinion is very good but there very hard to understand for a novice ,but to make a long story short have fun ,dont try to make it complacated keep it simple . some times old tech works good.keep good notes,and if your going to ask for info ask driving friends that run up front .. this is just my opinion ... ps heres a pic of my mod thats if i uploaded it right have a good one Nitrus1

posted April 05, 2004 11:47 PM
well i guess i didnt upload my pic right so here is me imca mod on my personal web page

posted April 06, 2004 07:07 AM
Welcome to the addiction, Rubbin!!

mdsteacher is right. We started with pretty much the same deal last year. The driver had never been in a race car before last March. And the crew chief (me) had never worked on a modified. There are lots of good info on this board and the Steve Smith books are helpful as well.

We raced at a track that didn't have lots of cars (12-18), so we always made the feature. Luckily, we never tore up anything or made too many mistakes on the track...probably wasn't mashing it hard enuff, lol and we had a great time all year.

If your desire is to one day race a mod, then start in the mod. Even if its a limited type mod. Just remember to "hold your line" so the experienced drivers can work around you and you don't get in the way.
Good luck in your racing.

posted April 06, 2004 02:30 PM
I think if your wanting to go modified racin the a limited or b mod would be a great start.
I had raced street stock type cars for 3 years then this year moved to modifieds,they are pretty hairy! but drive with your head and be smooth first.
Dont try to go all out at first,learn to be smooth,then the speed will come,thats how I started this year,het a few playdays and in 1 practice you can learn alot.

This forum is very,very usefull,I have an older/new car,dad built it 8 years ago,never raced till this year,and its a 3 link,with mine it seemed very easy to get in the ball park,alot of help from these guys on this forum.

goodluck with your new addiction!!!!

posted April 06, 2004 04:21 PM
look for a good used stock car first... then you can learn in that, its got quick steer, uses the same shocks and springs a mod takes... you can build a decent motor to learn with and then when you feel ready get a used 2 link mod
i've raced go karts for years now moving up to a limited mod class here in iowa i expect to pick up quick but drive with my head if i win a heat race this yaer i'll be happy... just use your head i won wayy to many kart races cuz i used my head and everyone else was all over playing around trying to pass i just ran a line stayed smooth and passed em all... it also takes a little knowledge... i've worked on these cars and been around some of the best racers and learned from them, i know what to expect so that helps...
let us know how it goes

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