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Author Topic:   Drive shaft length
posted March 31, 2004 05:58 PM
We have a 112", short 2-link, DW-8. WE had our drive shaft come out after only 3/4 of a lap last night during playday, tearing up alot of stuff,(pinion bent drastically to the left, trans casing broke). Driver was on the throttle when it came out. We were running the same shaft(30-1/2") that we ran last year with our long bar, 2-link, DW-6. My question is: Do you need to run a longer front yoke with a short bar car? How much do you need sticking in, & how much do you need sticking out of the trans. The one we broke had a 3-3/4" snout on the front yoke. BTW, both u-joints were new, & still in place after the mishap. Rear u-joint was damaged though. Thanks.

posted April 01, 2004 02:17 PM
NJantz, We did an autopsy on the busted parts last night & came to the conclusion that the pinion bearing probably locked up & twisted the drivshaft in half. The front yoke looked fine,& the driveshaft loop wasn't even scratched. Ring & pinion were torn up pretty bad. Thanks for the advise on checking for the correct length. Have a good 2004.

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