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Author Topic:   another swing arm question
posted March 24, 2004 04:33 PM
When ever you clamp the LR birdcage , what spring rate is a good starting point for the RR spring on TOP of housing ?
Also if you clamp the LR but leave the RR on the swing arm do you need to change spring rate on the RR ?
Which way is better ?
sorry for 3-questions at once but all help appreciated . Thanks

posted March 25, 2004 05:03 AM
??? -- Anyone ?

posted March 25, 2004 01:09 PM
i have never ran with the lr clamped but i will give this a try.
for the first question i am guessing you meant LR on top. but will answer both.
for lr on top i would run a 225. and for the rr i would try like 200.
question 2. i would not make a spring change on the rr if i clamped the lr. see what it does first.
and on paper the car will get more overall traction with a 3 link(clamp the lr birdcage and take off backward link) and the right side on a swing arm.
that way it will gain thrust angle on both sides.
if i was going to run the lr 3 linked i would put a clamp bracket(like a 4 bar cag runs) and run the lr spring on the front of the axle.
good luck
jason hope this helps some.

posted March 25, 2004 03:12 PM
Hey Jason - yes that helps , I want to try clamping the LR birdcage and take the rear bar off ( like a 3-link ) -- I guess what i am asking is should i leave the RR spring on the swing arm ? or move it to the top of housing ? which is better for overall traction . open to all suggestions , Thanks again for all the help !

posted March 25, 2004 04:52 PM
personally i would leave it on the swing arm. they are hard to beat in the rough. but to get the most traction, change it over to a z link and put the spring on the birdcage on a coil over eliminator. then place it so it indexs the spring as the body rolls. so put it on the back side of the rr.
that will give you the most bite.
as far as just moving it ontop of the rearend. you will get a little stiffer than on the swing arm. but the effect will be small because your going to take the spring from the swing arm(say a 250 spring or 225). and then put it on the housing with say a 200(to compensate on spring rate). so overall the spring rate has changed very little. and you get no indexing bonuses by being on the axle like you would on the birdcage, or clamped up.
short answer, i would not go threw the trouble and leave it on my swing arm, if choice was between swing arm and axle top. but if the track was smooth and i wanted max bite i would put the spring on the birdcage behind the axle.
all this is for the rr.
good luck

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