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Author Topic:   Tire selection
posted March 17, 2004 01:24 PM
New to running a Mod this year and was wondering on tire selection. It will be an UMP Mod and was wondering what everyone recommended. Rule reads (Hoosier A-40, D-40 or H-40 compounds. 26.5/8.0/15 or 27.5/8.0/15. Maximum width 9. NO GROOVING OF ANY TIRE! Only the A-40 and H-40 can have slight siping. No recaps). Thanks for any help.

posted March 17, 2004 02:23 PM
most everyone around here runs the D-40 which is the softest of the three , as tracks dry out and get abrasive we go to an A-40 on the right rear , i have seen people use the H tire but the track needs to be very abrasive for that or a long race , i could go on and on about tires but track conditions play the most important role with tires -- i use 3- 26.5 and a 27.5 on RR for stagger . hope this helps some

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