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Author Topic:   Lakeside speedway
posted March 08, 2004 09:47 AM
Any of you that might race at lakeside. In the modified rules it states you have to have a 1" inspection port in the oil pan? What are they inspecting for with this port? How often do they check this or is this a new rule?

Also the tach has to be removable before the 'a' feature??


posted March 08, 2004 12:16 PM
If there are no restrictions on rod and crank i dont see what they would be teching for. Unless its for aluminum or titanium i guess, but i didnt know.

As for the tach I have assumed its for traction control. I dont know whether they make you run without it or just inspect it prior to race. Just wondering if anybody knows more on it.

posted March 08, 2004 01:15 PM
Our rules use the 1Ē plug to check for aluminum or titanium cranks and rods. In the northeast mods there are teams running titanium cranks that havenít been caught yet. The day is coming.

Traction control can be hidden anywhere; in the distributor, an msd box and even in your safety belts and still canít be detected with out sending the item to a testing facility. But it could be a lame attempt to police it.

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