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Author Topic:   zeroracing -- swingarm help ?
posted February 21, 2004 09:00 AM
What would you recomend for springs on a swingarm car , front and rear
3/8 mile high bank ? momemtum track
3/8 mile low bank ? stop and go track
mectric clip with metric lowers
2400 lb. fully dressed
also how much stagger ?
looking for a good starting point
thanks for any help .

posted February 23, 2004 12:00 AM
The momemtum track i would start out with 800 lf and 1000 rf. then on the rear i would go with 250(tacky)-275 or 300 dry. and run a 200 rr. The front bars should be mounted uphill some(left more than right) and angle the rear ward facing bars lr around 10-12 deg downhill and rr 5-10 downhill. put a short bar on it with about 3 inches of rake on it. as far as stagger i can not remember what i ran, i think around 1 inch but not for sure.
on stop and go, and more anlge all the bars,(unless rough) add some more stagger if you can, if your like me dont have a great selecton for tires so dont use stagger to tune the car alot(use it last).
on the stop and go you may want a 225 spring in the rr to make it turn better when on the gas.
that should help get you started. it is pretty late and i am tired so reply if i dont make any sense or pm if you have any other questions.

posted February 23, 2004 08:13 PM
thanks for the help !!

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