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Author Topic:   roll steer for exit
posted February 17, 2004 12:35 PM
I dont know that the roll steer actually helps you actually come off the corner better as it helps you through the middle faster which then lets you come off harder.
You have to steer farthur to the right to keep the car headed straight out of the corner. The rearend will want to track to the right of the front end. That is why some 4 bar cars may feel like they to turn to the right as they come off the bars, For a split second the driver has the wheel turned to the right but now the rearend is straightened up.

posted February 18, 2004 09:58 AM
Roll steer is a critical subject that a lot of guys don't fully understand. I like to keep my rr roll steer close to zero so that the car is stable through ruts and so it doesn't feel like you are chasing the rear end at corner exit. The slicker the track the more roll steer I want to run in the lr. I know that seems backwards at first but you want the car to be able to roll through the corner on a slick track without being hung out real sideways. There was a good article in Circle Track about this a couple months ago. In my opinion if you are running static lead or trail in the rear end you a crutching a problem of some sort.

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