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Author Topic:   metric frontend
posted February 16, 2004 06:54 AM
Camaro draglink will fit but needs to be narrowed.

posted February 17, 2004 07:41 AM

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posted February 17, 2004 07:24 PM
just use the stock metric.

posted February 17, 2004 10:37 PM
the camaro drag link works just fine if you modify your stock metric idler arm.This is going to be hard to explain but here goes.You have to bend the part of the idler arm that fits to the frame.You will notice that there is a factory bend just above the pivot joint. The bend needs to be bent in the opposite direction and about the same angle.Now you can spin the idler arm 180 degrees and mount on the frame.You will have to notch out the frame slightly because the new bend will hit the frame right below the bolt holes.Now the idler arm joint should tuck under the frame.This widens the distance between the idler arm and the pitman arm so that they are parallel when the camaro drag link is installed. I hope I haven't lost you.This set-up works very well on a metric frame.I'm not sure but Flexi-flyer use to sell the bent idler for this aplication but don't know if they still do.

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