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Author Topic:   4bar LR/Zlink RR Spring Recommendations
posted February 08, 2004 11:20 AM
I have recently finished designing & fabricating my 4-bar suspension linkage for the left rear of my modififed. My right rear is configured as a long arm z-link (Rayburn style).

Q. Do you guys have any spring recommendations for a good starting point???

Q. What are some typical weight percentages you guys run this set up with?

Q. Do you recommend a j-bar or a shorty bar and what are the pros and cons?

-spring mounted behind axle on birdcage
-bar lengths 15", 17"
-spring mounted on swing arm ahead of axle.

CHASSIS: 99 GRT w/metric clip.

I am wanting to set up for a short typically dry slick 1/4 mile with minimal banking.

Any comments and or advice is appreciated.

Thank You

posted February 08, 2004 08:06 PM
I would recomend a 250 lr and a 225 rr, and maybe change to a 225 lr or 250 rr(depends on a on the gas push or loose entry)
For % i would go about 56-58 rear or even more for bite, 52 or so left, and 50-51 cross with probally baout 110#lr bite.(deferent drivers like diferent lr bite)
Start on j bar, its easy to drive and reacts slow, good on rough or muddy tracks.
as track dries out go with a short bar, great on slick, and super slick, car reacts fast, increse in body roll alot, not good on rough tracks.