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Author Topic:   Starter woes... HELP
posted February 06, 2004 10:29 PM
Guys... here is the deal
last year i had got my car running finally... one day, i went to start the car, and the starter gear stuck for some odd reason and bent the flywheel.. like it was too tight...
well i pulled the motor and put on a new flyhweel and did some other things... put the starter right back on in the same place... does the same exact thing... i tried 2 shims... still does it...
so i hogged out the holes in the starter... it still does it... is my starter bad or is there something else there wrong... flywheel is a 153 tooth... it'll stick, i'll crawl under the car and loosen the bolts up... grab the starter and wiggle it and eventually the gear will go back in the starter.. its very frustrating.... i'd like to fire the car back up and get it ready to go this is my only holdup.... its a midwest hi torque mini starter...

posted February 06, 2004 11:25 PM
try another shim or 2 sometimnes they will stick out till the motor turns over if they are to close but once it fires it throws it back out

posted February 07, 2004 03:40 AM
There should be 40 thousnds between the bottom of the teeth, use a piece of wire to check this.
1) bolt up starter, pull out pinion gear check with wire
2) rotate flywheel 1/4 turn, check with wire
3&4) samo-samo
5) now shim the starter so you have .040" at the tightest spot
Make sure the pinion reaches across the flywheel teeth (shim), and that the starter retracts far enough to clear the flywheel.

posted February 08, 2004 11:03 AM
Also check to see that the two gears are parallel and that the starter is not twisted.Some of the blocks came from the factory with only the staggered holes, and the second "straight acoss " may have not been drilled exactly right, causing the starter to sit twisted.Especially now that you have wallered out the holes, it could be moving on you when you tighten the bolts up.

posted February 09, 2004 08:19 PM
If there is a spring adding preload to the starter gear, remove the spring. then bolt
the starter back up to block, do not connect
the wiring however. now with spring removed, you should be able slide and engage the starter gear into the flywheel teeth.
it should move move in and out freely.

posted February 09, 2004 10:51 PM
we tried three different flywheels last year when we put or falcon in to get one that was right. we got 3 from our local napa store and none of them would work. the ring gears were all welded on either crooked or not centered. no way could we get proper clearance with the mini starter. we finally air freighted one in from allstate so we could make the weekend. that one was perfect. not trying to knock napa here cause we buy lots of other things from them but their vendor for flywheels has lots to be desired. the quality of the welds didn't impress us either. one we got had weld running into the teeth so it could never have worked.