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Author Topic:   4 Line without Torque Absorbing?
posted February 06, 2004 12:22 PM
I'm posting this on the mod page, hoping you have done something like this or at least have an opinion on what it would do. My street stock rules would allow me to use 4 stock trailing arms and mount them wherever I would like. Doing some calculations, I could get the roll steer right where I want it by doing this, but all 4 would have to be close to parallel. That means the top wouldn't be at much of an angle, which helps forward bite, I'm told. Not allowed to use any torque abosorbing device. Would my forward bite suffer from this?

Any opinions are welcomed.

posted February 06, 2004 01:00 PM
Alright, I'm not new. I know I have to add a panhard and I know I could get the roll steer where I want it. But, what I don't know is how "true" the deal is with the upper link angle. I forgot to mention that I would be using 3 lower arms, which are 19" long each.

What does the center of gravity have to do with anti squat? Anti squat is all about geometry, not C of G. Anti squat will not "transfer" any weight. Yes, to a degree, higher C of G will tranfer more weight, but anti squat does not affect that. I just want to know if anyone has run a 3 or 4 link without a torque absorbing device and how it worked.

posted February 07, 2004 08:53 PM
If your on a birdcage then add angle to the upper links.
since i am guessing your not on a birdcage then actually lower angle in the top will promote forward bite, it works similar to a 3 link suspension then. angle lowers up and uppers angle them down to get more bite out of a non birdcage style four link.
With a true four link like a latemodel or mod uses it usues a birdcage. then it will promote forward bite to have the uppers at more of a angle up.
but without a birdcage it will work like a 3 link, so more upper down hill angle the more bite.

True Blue
posted February 08, 2004 09:55 AM
The squat characteristics of the suspension is measured as a percentage of CG height.It is relative and important to what you are doing. But, I guess that is a whole different discussion.

To your question,"if anyone has run a 3 or 4 link without a torque absorbing device and how it worked?"

Yes, it is has been done. It works best with a smooth driver on a smooth track. I guess it would be hard to be a smooth driver on a rough track, LOL You might want to try a search on solid pull bars to get more driver imput, how it worked for them.

It is more common on asphalt and the drag guys use a similar set up. But, thier tires act like a torque absorber to a point.