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Author Topic:   Hoosier tires for mod
posted February 05, 2004 04:57 PM
Hey guys, I need some help. Where can I purchase the hoosier D40/A40 race tires in the Southeast Missouri area? I've talked with several people and can't seem to find a dealer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, what's the going price for these tires? I've heard anywhere from $92 to $105 each. Thanks for any response, and ...................See ya at the track!!

posted February 06, 2004 06:35 AM is a site you might be able to find a local dealer to or you can email them and im sure they can put you in touch with a local dealer. around here in central ill we usually pay about 95ish give or take a buck or two depending on how many you buy. this from the guy i deal with though.

posted February 06, 2004 10:13 AM
SCP(SpeedCustomPerformance) in High Ridge,Mo. carries them, (636)677-1320. You might try Lynn Winters at WinFab also. He is Uniontown,Mo. (573)788-2574, I know he carries the american racers but you will have to call and see if he has the hoosiers.