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Author Topic:   Belt Drive Fuel Pump Questions...
posted January 18, 2004 07:35 PM
Switching over to a C & S belt drive fuel pump this year. Mocked up the assembly and of course, nothing fits! The crank mandrel deal will not slide up in to the fluid dampner. little tight. Then get to looking at the crank pulley(regular cast pulley combo for water pump and P/S pump) and it has like a 5/8" hole that the mandrel will never go into. So do I have to make all the belts Gilmer drive and do away with the v-drive belts or switch the fuel pump gilmer pulley to a v-drive? It is not a combination Power steering/Fuel Pump. Two seperate pumps. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, PlumCrazy

posted January 26, 2004 09:56 AM
OK, thanks Chomme. I think I got it figured out. Appreciate the reply.

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