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Author Topic:   Bilstein shock numbers
posted January 17, 2004 11:39 AM
What numbers are some of you guys running? I have a 2000 Shaw three link, springs on top, shocks in front, just switched to short panhard. Running mainly a tight 3/8" medium banking track. Usually stop and go, but sometimes a momentum track. Fairly smooth. Starts out wet and usually dries out quickly.

posted January 17, 2004 03:54 PM
i would call shaw they are really great people and can get you a good baseline. also you might look into split valves like a 96-2 afco number on the left rear.
this will let the car up very quickly and hold the car up so when you let off it will not fall like alot of mods do. you may start with a 96-4 also.
both of these shocks will slow the hike down and improve the drivability on entry of the car. it will also tighten the car.
these are afco numbers so you would just have to find a spec sheet or go to bilsteins website and convert them over.

posted January 18, 2004 10:41 AM
Bilstein's basic set up for modifieds on dirt is like this.
LF -4040 RF -5050
LR -3030 RR -3030

We've run bilsteins for several years and our basic set up is..
LF-3050 RF -3060
LR-4040 RR -4040 We have a four bar car and run tracks that are often heavy starting out and somewhat rough. On a smooth track I would tend to run something closer to Bilsteins recomendations.
I would check the website and also give them a call. They have a modified driver working for them and are very knowlegable and helpful. Pat Macaulay is the rep. who was at Poske's this weekend...704-663-7563

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