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Author Topic:   rear setup question pondered
posted January 08, 2004 07:10 PM           
how hard is it to change from a multileaf setup to a 2-link with a fith-arm?

posted January 09, 2004 12:35 PM
You could take it to Extreme Performance im Houston and they will do it for about a grand.

Straight Out of Line

posted January 09, 2004 10:15 PM
isn't to hard we did it with our shaw did they change your rules like they did ours and outlaw any thing more then 3 link and z links if not i'd look into that setup 4 bar z worked good for us this year

posted January 09, 2004 11:12 PM
I carry some of the brackets on hand to do a conversion such as this. Let me know when you want it done.

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posted January 10, 2004 12:33 PM           
I was told that u can do more with a two-link with a fith-arm sometimes. The car we have is multi-lesf setup but we want to go to two-link with a fith-arm, 90/10 shock, panhardbar, with a pull bar.
we dont know yet what length of swedge tubes we will need though.
we will be racing at blackbirdbend speedway in the b-mods we may have all the brackets here already!!!!!

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posted January 11, 2004 07:54 AM
Its really not too difficult. If you're running chrysler type leafs, the legnth from the front mount of the spring to the center bolt is 20 1/2". So you want your overall trailing arm legnth to be the same. Which I believe would be a 17 1/2" tube and the two 3/4" heims should be equal to the leaf spring. Use coil sliders as they are almost too easy to mount. You can buy the rear end mounts for the shocks and springs and trail arm and use regular shock mounts on top. You may want to undersling the car or at least some good bracing so you can mount either a J bar or panhard on the left side. Hope this helps.

posted January 11, 2004 09:13 AM
pbr up here you have jefferson,webster city ,fort dodge,jackson mn,britt all run b mods mason city too. as long as it's not a 4 bar or a z link setup you can run it up here thats the outlawed setups because we have a couple guys with 2003 dirt works cars last year running in b mods so they baned that setup so guys could run the older chassis like the class is designed for without haveng to change the rear the rules are at

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posted January 12, 2004 08:35 PM           
i didnt realize there was that many tracks that ran the b-mods up there!! is there any big money shows to speak of? also my track here pays 250.00 to win how is that compared to your tracks also what is your opion on running a 73-77 chevelle chassis?
Thats what we have now weve been told thats the best chassis for a b-mod because of all the banging around.
Yes they are a little heavier but they take a beating a little better in the long run should last a long time. Our car right now has the following percentages:

left side-52.7%
right side-47.3%
rear -58.4%
something c-50.1%
car weighs in at 2745lbs

thats with 160lb driver and 100.00lbs
hanging in the rear.

cant remember what the c stoof

We found this car with a brand new body brand new parts all up front with 2 driveshafts and wheels with 2-4 beadlocks and 4-8 tires for $1100.00 then i found a brand new quicksteer, brake bias gauges, tilton peadls and masters rebuilt the end of this year for $250.00. So i'm good to go now.
The older mod i had weighed in at 730lbs thats no body motor spindles nothing just cage and frame bare!!
Then my tire sponser sells me tires for 100.00 per 20 tires.
My engine sponser lines me up with free motors to do what i want!!
I have a guy south of lincoln that sets me up with tranny when he has them i have two powerglides coming and have two 3 speeds here.
So i cant complain. My huge sponser if i can land it will send me into usmts in 2 years if i can be consistent.

posted January 13, 2004 12:50 PM           
Buddy you might want to look up the pay scale at BBB for 2004.

Its based on car count, so if there are 24=250.

posted January 13, 2004 03:10 PM
we pay the same as hobby 250 to win but the pay back is better then hobby 45 for tow if i rember right we have a coulpe 500 to win races at the end of the year in wc and mason but you better have your stuff together if you come up here sadly we have alot of guys that have a mod budgets running b mods and they tend to rule the roost up here. no offence man but usmts isn't the place for a guy that doesn't know what the c stand for when you scale a car lol maybe it will cross your mind one of these days tho

posted January 13, 2004 04:12 PM           
I believe you may be trying to cross Buddy up??

posted January 13, 2004 06:23 PM           
Hey i know racer17j but i'm new also though!! i wanted to say cross but didnt wanna look like a idiot!!
the only thing i dont like about the b-mods are the teams that are a-mod teams running b-mods im with you i dont like it but what can you do? ive been trying to think of a answer for some time now!!

posted January 13, 2004 07:00 PM
they helped us out alot by changing the rules on the rear this year but we still have to conpete with one of the owners of ptm race engines and a 15 year old kid who's dad and grandpa are some of the best racers and wrenches around kid won like 6 features last year

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