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Author Topic:   mounting uppers!!!
posted January 07, 2004 04:35 PM
i'm building a metric chassis,stock lowers,after market uppers,big chev spindles.where do i weld the upper mounts,0-10-20 degs or what! my steve smith blue prints have 84 ltd i'm lost. please help me !!!! p.s i can do anything to the uppers(mounts)

Buster Deen
posted January 08, 2004 10:53 AM
Hey Last,I built flexi flyer chassis (really old plans) but it gave dimensions for uppers.Call flexi flyer and buy a set of plans or call me (281) 324 7196 ask for Buster

Buster Deen
posted January 08, 2004 10:56 AM
I forgot thats at work m-f 8-430 sat 8-12 hope this helps Buster Deen

posted January 10, 2004 06:28 AM
thanks buster; anyone else that can try to help me... thanks guys

posted January 10, 2004 08:31 AM           
weld the uppers, on the same plane as the lowers if you dont want any caster gain etc.
basically above the lower mts but forward enough to work for you.

personally I would only use the adjustable uppers if allowed to they are great. Lefthander sell them with a template for mounting the 4 brackets.

If you want caster gain etc built in your car put them parallel with the frame rail.

also mount level for zero anti dive.

posted January 17, 2004 07:40 AM
I know on chevelle it's 20 degree.
Metrics I'm not sure, I've seen them both ways. I've seen Tim Donlinger just use the bone stock upper mount, witch looks like 0 d.
Bob Pierce runs 0 d but runs strut type a-arms. So I don't know but I would set it up same plane as bottoms.

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