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Author Topic:   roll cage length
left turn
posted January 01, 2004 01:17 AM
is it safe to cut and extend the the top halo bar to get clearence from head ? thank you.

posted January 01, 2004 05:14 AM
if done properly yes, the correct and cleanest way to do it would be to replace the entire halo bar, i assume its one peice, if you were to cut it and piece it i would do it near the rear where it attaches to the main rollover hoop, that hoop will take the stress off your joint if you ever end up on yer lid. the front of the windshield area takes the hardest hit in a complete rollover and you deffinetly dont want that area soft.

posted January 01, 2004 09:28 AM           
Its fine to do and when done properly it will be stronger than the rest of the cage..

Its done all the time to re-clip cars etc, though most people probably just **** weld the tubes. Heres the proper way to do it in my mind.

If your doing say a halo or something I would slice it in straight pipe, and on different locations on both sides, so the sliced pipe never lines up.

1. you slice the tube you want to extend.

2. insert a piece of smaller tubing, 1.5 tubing (a 4 inch piece) if its a 1.75 cage, put some tacks on the end of one of the cut outer tube one one side.

3.the tacks keep it spaced apart a little so you have space to fill with the weld and get enough penetration to weld the inserted piece of pipe also at the same time.

4.then you drill a couple half inch holes thru just the outer tube,offset so they arent in line. so you can weld the inner and outer tube together again one or 2 places on each side of the joint would be good.

As you can see doing it this way the joint is actually double pipe, and stronger.

The weakest part of any cage is the HAZ, (heat effected zone) right next to the weld. Thats the reason to drill the holes further out from the seam etc and offseting them also.

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