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Author Topic:   Modifieds in Price Utah 2004
posted December 31, 2003 10:32 AM
The desert thunder speedway located in price Utah will be running Modifieds for the first time ever in 2004.
The track promoter has scheduled 7 races. He said he would like to see how the class grows before scheduling any more. We haven't discussed the payout yet but I'm sure it will be lower than what anyone is used to, like maybe $100 to win.
The drivers in our area that already have or committed to running a modified sat down and discussed rules. (the track promoter does not want to sanction any governing body. i.e. IMCA, Wissota, Barnett etc...) So we all decided to set the rules for our selves.

We will be running current IMCA rules with the exception of NO ENGINE or SHOCK CLAIMER, and no spec tire. So you can run any engine you want and any factory 8" tire you want.
We decided on IMCA rules because there is more IMCA tracks close to us than any other, and we can race on their track and vice/versa.

The track promoter doesn't want to do any teching on the cars or have anything to do with the payout, he just wants us to run on his track and put on a good show. With this in mind we decided to have our local non-profit organization (Central Utah Stock Car Racing Association) C.U.S.C.R.A. To handle the money and payout and decided to have the drivers tech each others cars and if we have any disputes over rules we would have CUSCRA board members make the decision.
The track promoter will pay CUSCRA one check for the race depending on car count and CUSCRA will decide on the payout. With them doing this they ask that anyone wanting to race and get paid for the night will have to be a member of CUSCRA, which costs $25 a year or $5 a race for a temporary membership. This money is then put into a pot for the points fund at the end of the year for all CUSCRA members in any class.

I hope the class grows and some of you guys that live nearby will come and race with us.

I don't have the exact dates for each race yet but will have in a few days.

The track is a 3/8 mile dirt and it is pretty smooth surface compared to the other tracks in the area, it always goes dry slick very seldom does it stay tacky for the main event. Hope to see ya there, feel free to ask me any questions on here or e-mail me at