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Author Topic:   Selenoid in Brake lines?????
posted December 22, 2003 06:01 PM
Just bought a new 2003 GRT from someone and we found this selenoid up in the frame horns that has been hid very well. It has two wires running to it and on a switch. We were curious as to what it does, and what it is, and maybe where we could find more info on this device. thanks

posted December 22, 2003 07:04 PM           
Its a right front brake shut off.

I wonder how it worked for them?? I would ask if they pryed the pads back before locking it or not, if you dont youll get heat in them, and they will swell and drag.

maybe they started locked off with the piston pushed back in the caliper then could open it if they wanted rf brake?


posted December 22, 2003 07:26 PM
brake gaurd is probably what you want to look for

posted December 22, 2003 08:22 PM
this selenoid is silver not red like the brake guard system. if it is a right from shut off, where can i get more info on how it works and its wiring skematics.

posted December 22, 2003 08:25 PM
I think it's what they use on drag cars. I think it's called a line lock.

posted December 22, 2003 09:10 PM
It's a line loc turned around backwards to keep fluid from flowing to the caliper. I've run a shut off many times and you don't have to pry the pads back before you shut it off for short races. Just weave the car left to right and the rotor flex and bearing play will force the pad back far enough to turn it on. On yellows you can turn it off, weave back and forth and turn it on again if you're worried.

Just a hot wire from a switch and the other wire on the solenoid grounded and it'll work. It isn't legal most places any more and the brake lines are what will give it away.

Good luck,

posted December 22, 2003 09:12 PM           
Its just a line lock installed backwards.

look in summit and see if it looks like the line locks in there. They have 4 diff ones in my most recent book.